About Clayton's Services

Clayton McGary grew up in Worthington starting in Kindergarten and graduating from Worthington Kilbourne in 1999. He graduated from OSU in 2004 and currently resides in the Worthington area off Snoufffer Rd. Clayton has been serving the Worthington area exclusively for 23 years and is directly involved in every aspect of the business from passing out brochures to providing the service itself. You really can’t get more local than Clayton’s Services.

MISSION STATEMENT: "To provide local, quality services to the residents of Columbus by paying strict attention to details, quoting a price the customer agrees on and can afford, and by doing what we say we're going to do. We do not guarantee that our prices are the lowest, but we do guarantee the best in service that Columbus has to offer."

"My Business Philosophy" by Clayton McGary

I believe that the greatest weakness within our present economy is the fact that profit is known as the "bottom line." I learned this fact at Indiana University where I attended college my freshmen year. This puzzled me a bit because it seemed to me that without people to make the product or provide the service, there would be no product or service from which to make money. In addition, without people to buy the product or pay for the service, the business would make nothing, and therefore would make no profit, and would no longer exist as a business.

From the time I started Clayton's Lawn Mowing in 1993 my first goal was helping people. I enjoyed knowing that after my work was done, I had provided a great service at a good price. Throughout the twelve years of running Clayton's Lawn Mowing and the fourteen years of running Clayton’s Services, I kept this philosophy as the core of my business practice and put the customer ahead of the "bottom line" by providing consistent high-quality work at a price below what other "professionals" charged. From starting out in Olentangy Highlands where I lived for 10 years, I saw the value in providing services to customers in a very close geographic location. Keeping my clients in close proximity meant that I could serve 70 lawn mowing clients a week and could still keep on a consistent schedule while providing a great service every week even when equipment broke, help didn't show, or the weather was unfavorable. Having all of my clients within a 2 mile radius (now within 6 miles) meant I was able to better cater to those who needed their lawn cut before a big party, or graduation, or to those who had last minute requests, while continuing to provide great work at a great price. I also believed in providing more services to fewer clients because this meant that I could continue the great relationships which had already been established and simply offer additional services with the same regular customer knowing and trusting in my work.