Snow Removal

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest:

1. Because all of Clayton's clients reside within 3 miles of each other Clayton is able to:

a) Wait until all the snow has fallen to provide his snow removal services (meaning your home will be completely cleared of snow), and

b) Get his accounts cleared before the start of the next work day.

2. Clayton ONLY uses snow blowers and shovels meaning your lawn, driveway, and garage are protected. Additionally, by using shovels he is able get into tight corners and provide you with a level of detail that other's simply cannot match.

Service Options:


A note on calcium: Clayton will, by default, put calcium down whenever conditions are icy. Calcium is safe for concrete and melts snow and ice faster than salt and at lower temperatures.

A note on sidewalks: As a home owner you can be held legally responsible if someone were to slip on the snow and ice and hurt themselves. This is why Clayton urges all home owners to have their sidewalks cleared and to have calcium put down each time it snows. Of course, you are free to choose any of the service options above.

Regular and Last-minute Services:

Clayton offers two options for snow removal, Regular and Last-Min. Regular Service customers are cleared anytime it snows over 2" automatically and Last-Min. customers are cleared only when the customer contacts Clayton. Clayton serves his Regular Service customers first.


For regular customers, if in one storm the forecasted high is 8" or more (i.e. 6-8") Clayton will clear your home both in the middle of the storm and at the end, charging you twice. Any calcium will be applied on the second clearing.

Last-Min. customers will be charged an extra $10.00 each time the service is used and an additional $5.00 for every 2" it snows above the first 4".

For details on pricing please contact Clayton.

How to Sign-Up:

When signing-up please use the standard contact form and include the following:

1. Which of the following services options you would like: Driveway, walkway, sidewalk & calcium.

2. If you would like Regular or Last-Min. services.

Clayton will stop by to give an assessment and will email you a quote. Respond to the quote and you will be put on either the Regular Service or Last-Min. Service list.

Please contact Clayton for any other questions. Thank you.